Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nurse Supervisor: Meryl C. Ocampo, RN
Head Nurse: Hyna Catindig, RN

Located on the second floor adjacent to the Intensive Care Unit, our Operating and Delivery Rooms boast a comprehensive array of surgical services backed by
state-of-the-art facilities and high-end technology. Our team of expert and dedicated surgeons, obstetricians, nurses, and technicians are available 24/7, ensuring the utmost standards of care in surgical, obstetrical, medical, and nursing services. The facility includes the Endoscopy Unit, Recovery Room, and OR Supplies Section for easy access to essential materials, streamlining operations.

With five main theaters catering to minor and major surgeries, we offer a wide range of procedures from general to advanced, including laparoscopic, exploratory, elective, transplant, and laser surgeries. Our well-lit and sterile operating rooms empower skilled surgeons to perform with precision and confidence, whether it’s an elective or emergency procedure, supported by cutting-edge machines and monitoring devices that enable proper patient management. Our commitment to exceptional healthcare services and optimal patient care shines through in every aspect of our facility.

HOTLINE: (02) 7759 0634, MOBILE CALL ONLY: Globe :0917-180-6534, (049) 508 2831; (049) 508-1049, EMERGENCY: 0917-180-6534
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