Nursing Services Division

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive nursing care across specialties, ensuring you receive the highest quality support throughout your healthcare journey.


Nurse Supervisor: Lester Tan, RN

New Sinai MDI Hospital is made up of educated health care professionals (doctors and nurses) that specialize in Emergency Medicine as well as pediatric experts with backgrounds in Pediatric Emergency, Obstetrics & Gynecology, and Surgery. It may respond to medical, surgical, and toxicologic crises in adults and children 24 hours a day. Our Urgent Care medical team is managed by ER doctors who oversee and provide the most appropriate treatment for your unique needs.

We offer a direct link to the hospital as well as a wide choice of medical specializations and associated services, allowing you to receive comprehensive, skilled care. Our section provides patients with the most up-to-date diagnostic and therapy options.

New Sinai MDI Hospital

General Nursing Unit

Nurse Supervisor: Lester Tan, RN

Head Nurses:
3rd Floor- Mary Joy Bawalan, RN
4th Floor- Rodalyn Nonifares, RN
5th Floor – Paul Wisdom Del Mundo, RN
6th Floor – Rhea Ong Sy

New Sinai MDI Hospital General Nursing Units continues to provide excellent medical and healthcare services to all our patients.

We ensures collaborative effort of all healthcare professionals who actively participate in various aspect of patient care to provide the best possible quality care to our patients and their families. Clean cases are separated with Infectious related cases.

Intensive Care Unit

Nurse Supervisor: Maricar I. Oyales, RN
Head Nurse: Shailini V. Alonte, RN
New Sinai MDI Hospital

New Sinai MDI Hospital Intensive Care Unit is designed for patients who require close monitoring during their hospital stay. Our can cater up to five (5) patients including PICU. This facility is equipped to handle critical situations that involve, but not limited to, cardiac, surgical, and neurological support. Our unit is equipped with state-of-the art cardiac monitors, central monitors, mechanical ventilators. We have allotted one (1) bay for our pediatric patients needing critical care and one (1) bay for Infectious cases.

We are equipped with highly-skilled nursing staff that are certified in critical care nursing. Patients will receive “one-on-one” care or there will be one nurse for every two patients depending upon the individualized needs of each patient.

Operating Room
Delivery Room

Nurse Supervisor: Rose Ann Yambao, RN
Head Nurse: Rofaula Aguilla, RN

Our Operating and Delivery Rooms offer a range of surgical services with cutting-edge technology and round-the-clock staffing by expert surgeons, Obstetricians, nurses, and technicians.

With five main theaters catering to minor and major surgeries, including laparoscopic, exploratory, transplant, and laser procedures, alongside a fully equipped Endoscopy Unit, Recovery Room, and OR Supplies Section, we ensure seamless access to necessary materials.

Our well-lit, sterile operating rooms facilitate both elective and emergency surgeries, equipped with advanced machinery for patient management.

Within, the labor and delivery room prioritizes comfort for expectant mothers while ensuring the safety of both mother and baby with comprehensive monitoring.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Nurse Supervisor: Meryl C. Ocampo, RN
Head Nurse: Hyna Catindig, RN

The NICU at New Sinai MDI Hospital specializes in caring for critically ill infants, offering advanced medical and surgical treatments. Staffed by expert physicians, nurses, and support personnel, the unit provides specialized attention to premature babies and those needing intensive care.

Procedures like umbilical catheterization and ventilator support are conducted, with some surgical interventions available. Emphasizing a holistic, family-centered approach, parents are encouraged to participate in daily care. The hospital is also recognized for promoting early breastfeeding.